The idea of starting this business popped up on a warm summer day whilst, you’ll never guess, drinking a glass of sublime Portuguese wine. We wanted to introduce these products to the people near to us. And so we founded Butler. The best of Portugal a click away.
We personally select all our wines and olive oils and we get most of them straight from the producer. During our trips to Portugal we visit the most amazing people and we’re delighted to sell their splendid products.
Other than most wine web shops, you can pick and mix all our products. There is no minimum and definitely not a maximum quantity.
We were eager and passionate to start this business but we have to admit that we could have never done it without the support of our contacts in Portugal, the business professionals we consulted and it’s a cliché but it’s true, our beloved parents.
We’ll always strive to offer the best products, service and experience to our clients.

Maria Chambell

Jeroen Paeleman